Muliplex Xeno

Sunday, June 20, 2010

By Jamie "GFBurke"

Name: Xeno
Type: Electric Elaper delta wing.
For: Beginner to advanced pilots
Prop: 9x6 folding prop
JR9303 with Assan Module. Assan 4ch RX. 2 Hitec MG servos.
Tuning Power System: Himax C 2816-1220 motor / Multiplex 30A ESC / 3s 1300mAh 18c lipo

My numbers came too:
- WOT 20A @ 200w - on a fresh lipo. (peak)
- 820g with 3s 13oomAh lipo/700g no lipo

Since it's been so windy and rainy here in Idaho, I don't yet have good flying videos or can really give a nice write-up on the Xeno. However I did get to fly it once and from my first impressions are that it TRACKS very well. Very fun to fly. Here are some up close pictures and a video so you can see how well the Xeno breaks down and is put together.

Here is an up close video so you can see just how the Xeno works.


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