CompyFP main blades review

Friday, December 14, 2007

Review of the flat wood FP blades by Heli-Fever. These are the blades going on the upcoming CompyFP. A comparison between these and the popular M24 blades.

Test subject:
Freestyle belt HoneyBee FP
Arc110 inner-runner motor
10T steal pinion
Castle Creations 10A ESC
3s 10C 800mAh CSRC lipo

Here is the two part video review.

It would be nice to really get out and do some serious flying to put these to the test. But so far, I am liking the flat wood blades better.
*Same stick position for hovering
*They look and feel better
*Not flexible
*Lighter than M24s
*No sound difference
*Will be cheaper in the States (soon) ;)

Thanks Ken from J-Team.
Next up from me will be the CompyFP.

Buy Kyosho M24 blades: (part# CA1015)
Buy other flat wood blades: (not reviewed here, but I did like them)
Buy Heli-Fever flat wood blades: