Hobby-Lobby Executive Jet

Friday, December 14, 2007

Length - 53-1/4''
Weight - 47oz
Wing Span - 47''
Radio Used- Futaba 7C
Receiver - Hitec Electron 6
Servos - Four Scanner RC 9320MG (Six if using retracts)
Batteries - Two PolyQuest 1800mah 3s(11.1v)
Motors - Two SFM Outrunners
ESCs - Two SFM 30A
Retail Price - $146.00
Where to Buy - Hobby-Lobby

The Kit

Kit Includes
*Fixed Landing gear
*Instruction Manual
*Control Horns
*Two 66mm Ducted Fans

*Two BL DF Motors
*Two 30A ESCs
*Four 20g servos (Six if using Retracts)
*One Y-harness(Two if using retracts)
*Two 12'' Servo Extensions
*X-acto Knife
*Foam Safe CA
*5 minute Epoxy

*Retractable Landing Gear

The Build

The build on this bird goes by pretty quick. It takes about 2 evenings to get it ready to fly! The surfaces are pre-hinged!

To Start off the build, I installed the aileron servos in the wing. The pre-cut servo slot are very small, so you have to cut it out to the size of the servo you are using.

Then I installed the motors

After that, I installed the vertical, and horizontal stabs

Next was the landing gear. The Jet comes with fixed landing gear, but you can order the optional retracts.

Stock fixed gear


There are pre-cut slots in the wing for the retracts, but not in the fuse. It does come with a sticker which you place over where the nose gear goes. (Note: This is only necessary if you are using retracts)

To finish up, I had to install the pushrods...

and glue the vortex generators on the wingtips.

The finished product!

Is this a good plane for beginners?

No, it's not. The Jet is easy to fly, but it does not have the self correcting characteristics that a trainer plane should have. Also, the build would be a little advanced for beginners.


The plane comes with pieces of wood pre-installed in the wings, that the landing gear screws into. They ripped out on my first take off, so just be sure to add some glue to them before you fly, and you should be good to go.

Also, when I got mine, the aileron hinges were loose, so be sure to add some tape to them just for extra security.

How well does it fly?

It flies great! It is very stable, and handles wind very well! It is not the fastest plane out there, but it does have some speed to it. Very scale flying! It can do loops, and rolls, but it needs a little more down throw to keep it inverted.

Pics, and Video

I still have not gotten the video, but I will this weekend. Until then, here is Hobby-Lobby's video!

Hobby Lobby's Executive Jet Video

Is it worth buying?

Yes!! If you dont have an Executive Jet in your hangar already, you should get one. It is one of the sharpest looking planes out there, it flies great, and the sound of those twin ducted fans is awsome!


dan said...

nice construction pics of executive jet, please post more pics of construction as the manual is a bit unclear.

Danny said...

Does the opening in fuse of the retractable landing gear, cause wind drag and lost of flying preformance in the SPM290 executive jet?? and does anyone have an step by step for construction of this jet??

Shelby said...

I purchase the Executive Jet, and from the web site of Hobby Lobby they tell you what you need. I got 4 servos from Hobby Lobby, 2 were the metal HitecHS-82 Metal gear Servo, and the other 2 were the HitecHS-55 Sub Micro Servo. But the manual does not specify where the servos go, for the wing, and inside the fuselage, now I'm confused. The servo HS55 micro I used 2 for the wing. I had to cut a little because the cut out on the wing was not large enough. Tried to fit the other servos HS82 inside the fusalage and would not fit. Now I'm not sure if I installed the right servos on the wing. Any comments appreciated

helen said...

Nice collection.Rc Jets are usually categorised by the size of the fan unit. Although jets with bigger fans are usually quicker they will also be more expensive .